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POSTED BY Evan ON 2014.08.2

Happy International Hangover Day

Uh. Yeah. So... Happy? International Hangover Day. I guess. We couldn't find our normal corespondant, Aaron Araki. Apparently his hangover this year was too strong. Either that or he's busy playing rock'n'roll with Windham Flat. Either way, forget him. Forget everything. Let's just breathe. In. Out. In. Out. Yeah, that's nice. Thanks for a great […]

POSTED BY Evan ON 2014.08.1

Happy International Beer Day 2014

Have you watched in disappointment as boring holidays came and went? Wondered why people celebrate a bunny with chocolate eggs and a creepy man who climbs in your chimney? Wondered why nobody is celebrating the most important liquid in our world: beer? Fret not - your time has come! The first Friday of every August is […]

POSTED BY Evan ON 2014.07.22

Only 10 days until International Beer Day 2014!

You've had a nice year. You got some decent Christmas presents. You enjoyed those chocolate eggs. You savored that one day in March where you got to drink beer during the day. But since then you've been waiting. Your time has almost come. International Beer Day is only 10 days away on Friday, August 1st! […]

POSTED BY Aaron Araki ON 2013.08.3

Happy International Hangover Day 2013

Good mourning and wlcome to International Hangover day, the aftermath of International Beer Day!  I hoe your international Beer Day was as fun and eventful as mine!

beer bottles

Now as mayor of this fine holiday I would lik to address the accusation going around this year that Internatal hangOver da has sold out.  That is simply not tru!  Just because this year's holiday has been sponsered by PainGo! pain relief doesn't mean any thing has chnged here in Headache Land.  though I sure am glad I took mine this morning!  And how speedy the relief is!  I'm feeling bettr already!  In fact I've gone ahead nd taken all my Advil and Tylenol out of my medicine cabinet, marched it out the front door of my new beachside condo and thrown it straight into that hole in the gutter with that fish painting on it.

Just kidding!  I had my live-in maid do that fr me.  In fact I haven't even goten out of bed yet!  And not because I can barely move my eyes without feeling like I'm on a sailboat in a sea of turbulent vomit , but because I've simply never felt anything so delightfully smooth as my new silk sheets, imported all the way from Marrakesh!


Now don't worry, I won't bore you with the numerous merits of this hearty pain reliever, though it'd be a crime not to!  I mean I keep a dish full of them on my coffee table and hand them out to visitors like Werhter's Originals. And when the trick or treaters come by...Don't get me started!  Let's just say I've got quite the reputation on my block... Afterwards the kids always come back to toss me their old tomatoes and toilet paper, but with pain relief this good who needs a bloody mary and a roll of vomit rags to get the day started?!

PainGo! pain relief is great for all kinds of aches and pains, like:

  • headache
  • fever
  • homework
  • excessive nibbling
  • Unitarianism
  • that scene from Reservoir Dogs with the ear thing

I could go on.  In fact my contract states I have to.

PainGo! is also great for:

  • polo injuries
  • having to watch a game of polo
  • gouging your eyes out on account a' you're Oedipus
  • biting the inside of you're mouth
  • biting the inside of someone else's mouth
  • recovering from jaw surgery after Alex bet you couldn't fit a whol- oh wait, I just had to list ten things.

Moving on, I'd just like to reassure everyone that the spirit of International Hangover Day is still as strong as ever.  Almost as strong as the pain relief PainGo! disperses throughout my body every 1st Saturday of August.  In fact I'm ready for an ice cold one as soon as I pop two of these sexy capsules into the old word-dispensor!

Now I know what you're thinking: Isn't it dangerous to take PainGo! with alcohol and an empty stomach?

In conclusion:

(Mr. Araki had to run off to his tennis date with Serena Williams and Heidi Klum, but on behalf of him and myself (his personal secretary Hilga) we wish you Peppy PainGo! Hangover Day!)

Bottles photo courtesy of John-Paul Verkamp.

House photo courtesy of Martin De Lusenet.

POSTED BY Jesse ON 2013.08.2

Today is International Beer Day 2013!!!

The day is finally here -- it's International Beer Day and that means it's time to celebrate beer! Just by grabbing a pint you'll be joining millions of other men and women around the globe, uniting the world in celebration. Ready to get started? Here's what to do:

Today is International Beer Day #IntlBeerDayBeer 1Tell The World!

Help make sure everyone in the world knows about International Beer Day by telling your friends on facebook and tweeting with the hashtag #IntlBeerDay.  Heck, we'll make it even easier than that, you can just click one of the buttons below:

Tweet it!
Facebook it!

Beer 2Find Your Local Celebration

You and your friends are going to need somewhere to go out and drink beer, luckily there are Nearly 400 Official International Beer Day Events taking place all over the world!  Find your nearest event using our Map of IBD Celebrations:

Beer 3Give the Gift of Beer

One of the greatest International Beer Day traditions is giving the gift of beer. There's nothing quite like being handed a beer out of the blue and being told,

"I bring you the gift of beer."

Pick up a six-pack and give each bottle out as a gift, you'll definitely make someone's day. For Example:

Other than that...

Gather your friends, try some new beers, live an adventure, tell some stories, thank your brewers, thank your bartenders, and of course -- be excellent to one another, because love of beer is something we all have in common.

Cheers, and Happy International Beer Day!

POSTED BY Jesse ON 2013.08.1

International Beer Day 2013 Has Begun!!


Right now, at the Easternmost boundaries of the earth (in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, etc.), the first International Beer Day Celebrators are awakening in the daylight of a beertastic day!!!

You lucky folks who get to start Beer Day first get a head start on the rest of us, but you also hold the solemn responsibility of being the heralds of International Beer Day, crying it from the mountaintops down to the world.

POSTED BY Jesse ON 2013.08.1

Tomorrow is International Beer Day 2013!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the hour is almost upon us! Hundreds of bars around the globe are making their final preparations for the beer drinking typhoon that is to come.

Here in the US we've got a full 24 hours to go, but out in the countries closest to the eastern edge of the international date line, they're at T-minus 4 hours and counting.

Our map of celebrations is freshly filled with hundreds of celebrations, spread across dozens of countries -- and yet all is quiet for the moment, for this is the calm before the beerstorm. So let's enjoy this quiet moment, let's appreciate the contrast it brings to the rambunctious energy of International Beer Day.

And then... let the beertastic celebration begin!

POSTED BY Siena Witte ON 2013.08.1

5 Ways to Cook with Beer Around the Clock

Whether you favor a hoppy, artisanal IPA or only the finest of light beers, it's time to raise a glass to some beer-tastic snacks on snacks. For those moments when the buzz has got you craving some serious eats, here are 5 recipes to keep you celebrating morning, noon, and night.

1. Belgian Beer Waffles via A Meaningful Kitchen:

belgian beer waffles

Good morning, beer! Finally a way to defer the "it's 5 o' clock somewhere" excuse.

2. Everyday IPA Hummus via Brooklyn Brew Shop:

IPA hummus

Ain't nobody got time for non-alcoholic appetizers.

3. PBR Beer Can Chicken via Serious Eats:

PBR beer can chicken

The directions literally say "open and drink half." You don't have to tell us twice.

4. Beer Sangria via the Beeroness:

beer sangria

This seems slightly contradictory. Yet we're weirdly okay with it.

5. Beer Float via The Kitchn:

ice cream beer float

For the (totally legal) child in you.


Siena Witte works for Feast, an online cooking platform where you can learn how to cook like a champion. Whether you want to save some cash, fit into your favorite jeans from college, or wow that special someone, boy, do we have some tips for you. Sign up for our free crash course here. You won't regret it.
POSTED BY Jesse ON 2013.07.26

7 Moments of Beer Wisdom

With just 7 days left until International Beer Day 2013 (Friday August 2nd!), we thought we'd help you prepare with 7 moments of Beer Wisdom. So crack open a cold one, open your mind, and prepare to be swept away in a few moments of beerthink.

#1 You can feel it in your heart

#2 Better safe than sorry

#3 Powered by Science!

#4 Who wouldn't crave beer in the desert?

#5 The best people know all three

#6 Ancient Greek philosophers knew what was up

#7 Even Jack's in on the action

Bonus: For your local bar

If you're not sure if your local bar is celebrating Beer Day, we've made a 1-page 'What is IBD?' intro that explains it for them.

Just print it out, ask your bartender what they're doing for Beer Day, and if they don't know, backflip out of your chair* and shout "AHA! I have just the thing!" and hand them the printout. Most bartenders will be so impressed by your dexterity and gung-ho attitude that they'll definitely celebrate, making you an IBD hero (we knew you had it in you).

Note: All backflips performed at your own risk, because backflips are hard.

POSTED BY Evan ON 2012.08.31

Congrats to our photo contest winners!

Wow...the number of amazing photos we received for our photo contest this year was staggering! You all celebrated like nobody's business, and now we have the photos to prove it!

It was extremely hard to choose the winners, and if we had more funds (we're looking at you, beer companies...) we'd give you all prizes. Didn't win? You can still get your very own International Beer Day shirt (in ladies and guys cuts) at our store.

Without further adieu, the winners!

1st Place: We (including the dog)
we heart IBD

2nd Place: Celebracion Con Los Amigos
Celebracion Con Los Amigos

3rd Place: B&Q boozers
B&Q boozers

Winners, you'll be receiving your prizes in the mail as soon as we can get them to you! To everyone who entered and celebrated IBD: thank you. You're our heroes.