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Today is International Beer Day 2013!!!

The day is finally here -- it's International Beer Day and that means it's time to celebrate beer! Just by grabbing a pint you'll be joining millions of other men and women around the globe, uniting the world in celebration. Ready to get started? Here's what to do:

Today is International Beer Day #IntlBeerDayBeer 1Tell The World!

Help make sure everyone in the world knows about International Beer Day by telling your friends on facebook and tweeting with the hashtag #IntlBeerDay.  Heck, we'll make it even easier than that, you can just click one of the buttons below:

Tweet it!Facebook it!

Beer 2Find Your Local Celebration

You and your friends are going to need somewhere to go out and drink beer, luckily there are Nearly 400 Official International Beer Day Events taking place all over the world!  Find your nearest event using our Map of IBD Celebrations:

Beer 3Give the Gift of Beer

One of the greatest International Beer Day traditions is giving the gift of beer. There's nothing quite like being handed a beer out of the blue and being told,

"I bring you the gift of beer."

Pick up a six-pack and give each bottle out as a gift, you'll definitely make someone's day. For Example:

Other than that...

Gather your friends, try some new beers, live an adventure, tell some stories, thank your brewers, thank your bartenders, and of course -- be excellent to one another, because love of beer is something we all have in common.

Cheers, and Happy International Beer Day!